• 9 high-speed spinning stimulation: this electric masturbator man hand-free cup stimulates the by turning sideways. Masturbators can occur several times to local and global irritation of the glans . The fully automatic spiral expansion and contraction of the masturbator gives you a multi-dimensional three-dimensional pleasure that spans the times.
  • Burst mode and one-key stop: high-speed rotation can be switched with just one button. Instantly becomes the strongest stimulus. The tight 360 degree adsorption stimulates your and leads directly to the paradise of happiness. Long press the BOOTS button to stop.
  • Double entry and layered design: the telescopic function and rotating masturbator cup adopts a layering design, so you can experience 2 types of dense pleasure when inserting the . And mastubrator is easy to disassemble after use and easy to clean. Come with the feeling of flying and take you to a new world.
  • 3D inner structure and stimulation: the inside of the masturbator is made of soft medical soft silicone material, which is safe and odourless and gentle on the skin. The raised dots with concave swabs rub gently for great stimulation. The super adsorption is tight fitting and is strongly stimulated, and after insertion, you can enjoy the suction feeling that gently envelops the female mouth.
  • Quiet design and tight packing: the masturbator is triple muted, so you can enjoy the pleasure of being alone. At the same time, our sex toys are delivered neutral packed to you, please use this happiness.

Fun sex toy for beginners and advanced users

The masturbator has 9 telescopic function and rotating massage function and one-button power modes to choose from. Rotating can give you 360 degree stimulation and improve your pleasure vertically and horizontally. If you do not want to explore love layer by layer, then the BOOM mode of the masturbator lets you go directly to happy paradise in no time. The high-performance motor of the joy givers and the high-speed rotation make it possible to have an unprecedented experience.

Multiple modes are waiting to be explored by you

Do you want to find the best masturbator to improve your masturbation?

This men’s masturbator will blow you away with a tight channel and a skin-like feeling The inner sleeve is made of realistic material and feels like a real Va-gina. The masturbator surrounds man with a skin-like sleeve. With 9 more up and down movements, the man can quickly get to the climax. Rotation, telescope, massage, electric cup masturbators always have a function that you like.

Soft, comfortable and safe material

The masturbator is made of TPE material and feels like a real touch sensation. At the same time, there are three layers of special nubs, ramp-like protrusions, large-grained protrusions and raised denticles. Every time you step a point in, there is an extra tension that is irresistible. Inner nubs pamper you with a pleasant massage. The sporty design and the case are easy to grip and does not slip out of your hand even during wild up and down movements.

How do I clean the masturbator?

After use, remove the opening of the first layer. Then pull out the opening of the second layer with your fingers (note that some force is required here). Take out all the channels and wash them in water (note that the sleeve inside cannot be completely removed). While waiting for all the water to dry, you can start the next round of the happy journey.


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9 Telescopic Rotating Spinning...