• Automatic Electric Male MasturbatorPowerful 7 Rotating & 3 Telescoping Male Masturbators:Our male sex toys feature powerful silent motors with 7 vibration and 3 Telescoping modes.The rotating & Telescoping of this male masturbators cup allows you to experience multiple pleasures instantly, making you feel like you’re in a cloud, giving the ultimate sensual sensation.The movement and rotation combine for a great sensational sexual experience of this sex toys4mens UK toys.
  • One-Button Orgas-ms Function Male Sex Toys:With the button of one-click climax,our male mastuabors toys can reach the fastest speed so that take you from zero to orgasm in no time! Just activate the penis vibrators and explore solo play, or hand the male sex toys over to your lover and let them control your pleasure. This male masturbators cup all the thoughtful designs definitely take your satisfaction to the next level.
  • Male Masturbators with Soft & Body-safe Realistic Sleeve:This male masturbation cup is very soft, stretchy & flexible to meet any size,as well as internal multi-layered spiral pleats gives you the pleasure of friction to enhance the penis stimulation.The male masturbation sex toys irregular particle shape in the male masturbator stimulates every sensory nerve on your penis, providing a relaxed masturbation experience.
  • Easy To Clean Male Adult Sex Toys:Different with other penis pump or masturbation toy, no need wash the entire sex machine. The whole masturbator sex toy is not waterproof. This male masturbators cup’s detachable sleeve, made of soft material, can be taken out from the cup and rinsed under running water. Only need wash the inner sleeve of this men’s sex toys is enough.After washing and drying you can put it back into the masturbator.
  • Male Masturbabtor Sex Toys Discreet Package:All our male masturbation sex toys will ship in a discreet package and you don’t need to worry about your neighbour knowing what’s in it. Please contact us if you have any problems with this male masturbation sex toys. We have a professional service team waiting to serve you for 24 hours. adult toy male mastuabors toys,male mastuabors toys realistic sexy toys, mens sex toys4mens uk adult toy, sex toy men.
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Double Stimulation Masturbator Combining Rotation and Thrust Sex Toys

Sex Toys 7 Rotation modes and 3 thrusting speed Masturbator Adult Toys

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ONE-click climax mode- adult male sex toys

Our one-click climax mode can quickly provide convenience for you,are you training for a marathon that will keep you up and running for hours at a time? Or maybe you’re looking to push yourself and power through your stiff competition with unbridled strength?

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1) ONLY the Inner Sleeve is Waterproof, while the rest of the device is not completely waterproof.

The inner sleeve can be removed from the cup, cleaned with water and wiped clean, and then installed back into the device.


Sex Toys Brand: ismloit

Sex Toys Overall periphery Size:15.94*4.64*3.74 inch

Sex Toys Weight:.2.21lb

Masturbator Sex Toy Package Included:1xMasturbator+1xSleeve+1xSupport Base

Waterproof sex toys

Waterproof male masturabating toys,the sex toys sleeve is Waterproof,Simple toy cleaning.

sex toys USB Charge

sex toy have “DC” jack is for charging. This male masturbator cup will take 1.5-2 hours to be fully charged.

Sex Toys Discreet Package

Packaging is unmarked, fast delivery with no indication of what is inside. Product cannot be seen until you open it.

Whether you are solo or with your partner, our sex toy male masturbators can bring you the experience beyond description. Join us and experience the most passionate sex.


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