• 🚀[Synchronous But Independent Thrusting & Rotating Dual-Sleeve Male Masturbator] Unlike traditional thrusting & rotating adult toys, this innovative penis vibrator has dual sleeves. One of it rotates for frictional sensation, while another thrusts for a realistic oral sex experience. 2 functions work separately but synchronously, giving you a unique feeling of penetration mixed with a blowjob. Together with the vibrating, the mixed sensations can help you reach climax quickly.
  • 🚀[Thrusting+Vibrating on Shaft, Rotating on Glans] The high-speed thrusting & intense vibrating stimulate your shaft, enhancing sponge-like tissue fullness, making it longer, harder, and stronger. While the rotating massage on your glans reduces sensitivity. The fleshy granules envelop the glans, combined with a 360°rotating motion for stimulating exercises. This process helps lower sensitivity and enhances penile endurance through consistent training.
  • 🚀[Rotating on Shaft, Thrusting+Vibration on Glans] The thrusting works on the glans to trigger an explosive stimulation of all sensitive points on the penis, including the glans, frenulum, and spongy tissue of the penis. While the rotating works gently on your shaft. You can simultaneously experience a blend of sensations of intense bursts and gentle stimulation with this unique combine blowjob sex machine.
  • 🚀[5.9” Insertable Size for Full-Length Stimulation] Our cup is designed with an insertable length of 5.9 inches, accommodating most penis. It provides full-length stimulation, from the glans to the root, for a complete and satisfying experience. As far as we know, on the adult market, many large thrusting & rotating male sex toys have short inner sleeves that merely stimulate the top half of the penis, and most dual-end strokers can only stimulate the middle part of the penis.
  • 🚀[4D Highly Elastic Soft Double Sleeves Provide 360°Wrapping] With large and soft particles, the advanced pleasure sleeves are designed to realistically mimic oral sex by comfortably wrapping your entire head and shaft. The 4D high elastic inner sleeves can wrap any penis size and bring more friction pleasure. Its detachable inner sleeves can be taken off and washed easily after finishing.
  • 🚀[Automatic 5 Thrusting & Rotating + 7 Intense Vibrations for Tailored Pleasure] With 5 thrusting & rotating patterns and 7 vibrating modes, this male sex toy is designed to cater to your every whim. Press the function key to switch between 7 vibration, 5-speed thrusting & rotation on demand, and the dense pellets constantly rub against your cock’s most sensitive points until you cum hard. Whether you use it alone or with a partner, this sex toy for men will give you a quick and intense climax.
  • 🚀[Innovative T-Shape One-Hand Operation Design] The male vibrator features an innovative T-shape design, making it easier to hold and use with just one hand, allowing for effortless maneuvering and expanding your pleasure. The non-slip handheld design ensures easy control and a comfortable grip. Its hair dryer appearance provides strong concealment, avoiding any embarrassment of being discovered by others.
  • 🚀[Trainer+Masturbator 2 IN 1 Relieve Emptiness & Enhance Penis Endurance] The thrusting works gently on your glans, awakening its sensitivity, followed by a 360° rotating stimulation to enhance endurance. The sex toys for men provide versatile training for your cock, with options for thrusting on the shaft & rotating on the glans or vice versa. You can repeat this process as many times as you like. According to studies by sexologists, this training method increases sexual endurance effectively.
  • 🚀[Detachable Sleeve for Easy Cleaning & USB Charging] The sleeves of this mens sex toys are detachable, allowing you to remove them from the cup for convenient cleaning. Simply rinse them under running water, wipe it dry, and store it in the box to maintain its cleanliness. Additionally, the adult sex toys are 100% rechargeable, and a USB charging cord is included for your convenience.
  • 🚀[Discreet Packaging & Customer Service] This mens sex toy is shipped in a neutral box to ensure privacy during delivery. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any concerns or are not satisfied with our product, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. All our items come with a 1-year warranty. We promise to provide excellent after-sales service and ensure your complete satisfaction.

    Thrusting+Vibrating on Shaft, Rotating on Glans

    Thrusting & Vibrating Stimulate Your Shaft For Longer, Harder Stronger

    The high-speed thrusting enhances sponge-like tissue fullness, making it longer, harder, and stronger.

    Rotating Massage on Your Glans To Reduce Sensitivity

    The fleshy granules envelop the glans, combined with a 360° rotating motion for stimulating exercises. This process helps lower sensitivity and enhances penile endurance through consistent training


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