• 【9 Vibration Modes】This male sex toy is equipped with a powerful motor and has up to 9 different vibration modes, you can find the most suitable vibration mode for your sensitivity and bring the most effective sensitivity reduction training through these 9 modes to improve your endurance and duration.
  • 【Scientific internal texture】This male vibrator is designed with a unique semi-runway texture to enhance penile stimulation. High sensitivity can lead to short intercourse time, you can reduce the sensitivity of your penis with our vibrator stimulation to prolong intercourse time.
  • 【Magnetic Charging & IPX7 Waterproof】Our adult sex toy is magnetically charged for approximately 120 minutes and lasts up to 80 minutes. IPX7 rated waterproof allows you to use this penis vibrator in the shower or place it directly underwater for rinsing, very easy to clean.
  • 【Body Safe Silicone】The Male Masturbator is Made of high-quality silicone, designed not to be too soft, with the right amount of elasticity for a snug fit. This male erotic product is safer and more comfortable. The size is only equivalent to the palm of your hand, easy to carry, so you can enjoy sex anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Discreet Packaging & After-sales Service】The masturbator comes in neutral packaging. We value the privacy of our clients, all products are shipped expressly and confidentially without any trace of suspicious words. We provide effective and efficient customer service within 24 hours.

lower noise

The masturbator only produces a maximum of 55 dB of noise when in use, will not affect others, fully protect your privacy and use of the experience

Ultra-long duration

Charge once can maintain a maximum of 80 minutes of time, to avoid repeated charging, charging once a long-lasting durable

IPX7 Waterproof

The all-in-one design with IPX7 waterproof rating meets your needs in a variety of environments, allowing you to experience pleasure anytime, anywhere.


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