• Experience Vibration, Licking, and Suction At Once – Enjoy triple pleasure with this multi-functional rose sex toy that combines powerful vibration, unique licking, and adjustable suction, surpassing the performance of single-function women sex toys. Spice your intimate moments up with this innovative rose vibrator.
  • Customized Suction with Manual Suction and Automatic Suction Modes – This sex toy is designed with manual and automatic sucking modes to provide you with versatile options. The automatic suction mode offers 3 strength, with the first gear being recommended for beginners or first time. Choose from 3 Automatic suction intensities to suit your preference or switch to Manual Mode for complete control over the suction strength. Please Note: Don’t block the vent hole on the surface of the adult toy.
  • 2 Ergonomic Suction Cups for Removal and Replacement – Our adult sex toys come with 2 removable suction cups for nipple or clitoral stimulation. The round suction cup for breasts, oval suction cup for clitoral stimualtion. adult sex toys & games, rose toy, rose sex stimulator for women sucking
  • 10 Adjustable Vibrations & Licking Modes with 2 Wiggle Fingers for Double Stimulation – Since the tongue of the adult toys is made of 2 flexible fingers, double stimulation can also be experienced in tongue-licking mode alone, which other female sex toys can’t bring. This female vibrator has 10 powerful tongue licking and 10 vibrating modes, you can switch different frequency as your like.
  • Premium Silicone Material and IXP7 Waterproof Design – Crafted from premium and soft silicone, our womens sex toys ensure a comfortable and worry-free usage. Its IPX7 waterproof design allows for easy cleaning and showering usage. adult toys for women
  • USB Magnetic Charging and Quiet Motor – Conveniently recharge your vibrator sex toy with the USB magnetic charging feature. Advanced motor technology ensures a quiet operation for a private moment. adult rose for women toy, adult sex toy
  • Discreet Packaging and Fast Customer Service – Your privacy is our priority. Our sucking vibrator comes in a discreet packaging, and our customer service team is dedicated to providing quick assistance within 24 hours. rose toy sex, tongue toy for women

Two Flexible Fingers

NOT one tongue, but 2 swinging & vibrating tongues. Two tongue can cover all sensitive areas. Not feeling uncomfortable, not sharp at all, our silicone tongue part is super soft and high quality. These two tongues not only swing, but also vibrate at the top of the tongue. Imagine the feeling that the tongue has been dancing at your sensitive points, making you crazy!

Smooth Silicone Edge

The soft and comfortable silicone edge allows you to use it without any discomfort. You can press the cover close to your body and start to vibrate and sucking. The cups of vibrator for women are designed to follow the natural curve of women’s body, curve that is completely applicable to any body part, with soft & silicone rims really soft to the touch.

USB Magnetic Rechargeable

Last a very long timemagnetic charge, super easy and quick to charge, our women sex toys equips with a magnetic USB rechargeable battery and a proprietary charging cable. The charge lasts a long time that you can play for an hour after one full charge! Great for either long-time play and achieve multi pleasure. If you’re a greedy girl, the sex toys for women would be a really great addition to your collection!

Full Waterproof, Easy to Clean

Very convenient for cleaning, you can wash directly under running water. Then dry it and store it in the package. You can add some lubricating oil when using it to improve the pleasure. The waterproof design allows you to enjoy the water fun without worry.

Why Choose Vibrator Sex Toys?

This sex toy combines sucking, licking and vibration, 3-in-1 unrivaled versatility and ease of use – they’re FUN for anyone, on any external body part.

With 2 different-sized cups, upgrade your adult sex toys & games, improve your sex safely. Sex toys are also approachable enough for toy newbies and adaptable enough for couples and groups.


Want to control the feelings by yourself?

Sure, you can! 2023 Newly Innovative Manual Suction and Automatic Suction Modes Vibrator.

  1. In the automatic mode, you can place the rose toy where you want to stimulate and feel the happiness it brings to you.
  2. In the manual mode, you can control the position and time you want to stimulate, and stimulate according to your rhythm and method.


Please NOTE: Don’t obstruct the vent hole to prevent sucking all the time.


Is this sex toy just for clits and nipples?

Rose sex toy is great for clitoral and nipples stimulation, but it’s not only for that. You can also use it on your neck, shoulders, lower back, or anywhere else that deserves some love.

And it’s quiet?

It’s the quietest! In fact, It is 50% quieter than sex toys on the market, for maximum pleasure with minimum noise.


Buy the rose toy for yourself, you will have the freshest and most beautiful blossoms you can possibly find. This sex toy is also a lovely gift for Wedding, Bridal Shower, Anniversary, Bat Mitzvah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Years, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, Halloween, Christmas,engagements.


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