• 【10 Vibration & Thrusting + 4 Suction Mode】- The 3-in-1 stimulation design of self-sucking male masturbator brings ultra-realistic sexual experience. In the mixed mode, its vacuum sucking simulates swallowing, and the vibration and thrust are like vomiting in the throat.
  • 【Unique Storm-sucking Mode】- Keep pressing the suck button to start the storm mode. In this mode, the masturbation cup starts the continuous high-energy working state.
  • 【Detachable Tight Fleshy Channel】 – This inner sleeve of this electric masturbator is made of TPE, which is soft, stretchy and skin-friendly. Plus a 1 inch fleshy entrance, it can mitigates the impact of every push!
  • 【Sound Speaker Interaction 】- The product has built-in speakers and uses real audio sources. You can wear headphones for immersive enjoyment.
  • 【USB Rechargeable, Discreet Package】 – This automatic male masturbator uses USB charging. Detachable for clean. We promise that Krumppo sex toys are deliveried in discreet package.

Automatic Male Masturbator with Powerful Vibrating & Thrusting Mode, Self-Sucking Masturbation Stroker for Men with Realistic Fleshy Tight Channel, Male Masturbating Sex Toys, Sound Speaker


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