• ✈ 2-in-1 sex toy ✈– This is not only a pump, but also masturbating for men who can make you bigger and stronger. With this innovative sex toy, you can enjoy the endless fun of sucking. The realistic 3D textured ribbed tunnel is more exciting than the real mouth. The transparent chamber enlarges every pleasant moment, stimulates your vision and allows you to create two-dimensional stimulation.
  • ✈6 suction modes masturbator sex toy ✈– This pump has 6 swallowing and suction modes. You can choose from 6 different suction levels for male masturbators. Thanks to the strong suction power, you can reach an unparalleled climax. The air in the closed chamber circulates effectively and simulates the swallowing of oral muscles. You will feel like having real oral sex with a charming woman.
  • ✈Press a button, be bigger than ever!✈– This mastubator has a special maximum button. The pump continues to breathe in one button climax mode, your cock becomes bigger than ever. Your hard brings your partner to scream for grace! If you want to stop, simply press the emptying button and the channel will cover and wrap your tightly, giving you an unparalleled new experience!
  • ✈Special case with narrow end✈– The one-sided sleeve of this sucking masturbator sex toy made of transparent TPE is soft, harmless and tasteless. It is different from other male masturbators with augmentation function. The absorbent masturbator sleeve opens with only one side. It can effectively simulate swallowing action during oral sex and offers you the ultimate swallowing pleasure
  • ✈Discreet packaging✈– All adult sex products come in discreet standard packaging. Keep your privacy strictly confidential. You will not worry about your neighbours, your colleagues know you are buying sex toys.


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Bigger 2 in 1 Sucking Masturba...

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