• 【10 Vibration Modes to Please You with Infinite Enjoyment】This vibrating cock ring sex toy features 10 vibration patterns tailor-made to stimulate the scrotum and perineum, ensuring continual arousal while slowing the blood flow and prolonging your hard-on. Multi vibrating modes of cock ring vibrator to satisfy every horny craving.
  • 【Promote Sex Performance with Longer, Stronger Erections】Our silicone ring has stretches comfortably around the base of the penis and testicles, the half-circular shape will perfectly around men’s penis and the testis ring restrains your ball. The male sex toy ring of the Amortoy is aimed to tighten the bottom of your penis, contribute to lowering the speed of blood flow to keep you hard, and lengthen the duration of ejaculation.
  • 【Mind-blowing Triple Stimulations】A unique and comfortable design of the penis ring, crafted from silky smooth silicone sits gently around the base of your penis and balls, transmitting stimulating vibrations to the perineum and beyond. The mens rings vibrator is ideally contoured to fit snugly into you, providing a comfortable fullness. Mind-blowing triple stimulations on shaft, perineum & testicles, the combination is a peak of men’s pleasure.
  • 【Solo Play or Shared Enjoyment】For better sex, the Amorovo vibrating penis ring is a reliable companion to strengthen his stamina and maximize her pleasure simultaneously. Locking his penis as hard as rock, wrapping his balls as comfy as in her mouth, sending powerful stimulation to her clit with every heavy thrust, the Amorovo adult toy is a rarity for the ultimate penetrative sex, the king of all kings! It is the optimal choice of sex toys for couples!
  • 【Waterproof & Body-safe Silicone】 Enjoy Amortoy wherever you are without fear of ruining it or hurting yourself, with its waterproof design and body-safe silicone build, you and your new favorite sex toy ring are safe! The waterproof design enables you to explore wildly in any waterplay, wear it under your swim pants or you can be more adventurous wearing it to the public environment. The body-safe silicone ensures 100% harmless to your body and unlocks more stimulation without hesitation.


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