• 【The elastic sleeve can fit the penis tightly】Unique design, the sleeve part is made of soft silicone and sensors, so you can squeeze the sleeve from the outside with your own hands when using it, and it can be tightly connected to your penis even in vibration and suction modes. The sleeve can also be detached and used as a separate masturbator while charging or when there is no power. Owning it is equivalent to having two masturbators of different functions.
  • 【8 Vibration Modes and 4 Suction Modes】This men’s masturbator has a powerful motor and an automatic vacuum suction pump, these combined with 8 vibration modes and 4 suction modes will provide continuous stimulation to your penis while using it. Vibration mode and suction mode can be controlled separately by buttons, you can choose the most exciting combination at the beginning to start a pleasurable sex journey.
  • 【Detachable sleeve, 360-degree washable】 Pioneering design, you can easily disassemble the sleeve in just two steps, and break it to 90 degrees to clean the inside. Thoroughly escort your use hygiene. The sleeve is made of smooth silicone, soft and round, skin-friendly and comfortable, and the shell is made of durable TPE.
  • 【Realistic 3D Textured Channel】 The channel of this massager is made of premium silicone, flexible, stretchable. There are many particles and tongue-like sections inside. When clicking the vibration button, they will vibrate and rub your penis. At the bottom, there is a round ball ready for stimulating your glans.
  • 【Discreet Package & Type-C Charging】 It uses Type-C charging, which makes it easy for you to get a replacement for the charging cable. We respect your privacy so our sex toys are packaged in simple packaging and shipped in standard brown boxes. All of our products come with a one year warranty. Any problems with them, please contact us directly.

Upgrade 3-in-1 Automatic Male Masturbator for Men Pleasure

Multiple Vibration Modes: This adult toy offers 8 intense vibrating frequencies, each of which creates a different feeling.

Strong Clamp Suction: Only vibration is not enough to enjoy? Our c0ck massagers know what you want! Just start the sucking pattern, then select one of the four suction clamping modes to stroke repeatedly with vibrating or alone!

3D Simulation Channel: After you put your di-ck into this pen-is pump, it will be 360° fully wrapped! Simulated particles, tongues, and small round balls, all ready to give you a full range of stimulation!

Premium Silicone, Selected Materials: Body-safe silicone combined with TPE/ABS, you can enjoy soft wrapping, as well as a forceful clip, even in the suck. Just add sufficient lubricant, it’ll be simple to use.

Type-C Rechargeable: Simple & convenient charging create a long-term playmate. About 90 minutes of charging brings around 55-mins enjoyment. The charging cable is included inside the package.

Detachable, Easy to Clean: With simple disassembly, thoughtful materials, and careful design, it is a breeze to clean the masturbator with warm soapy water before/after each use.

Exquisite Appearance: Add a wonderful visual feast to your sweet time due to the sophisticated design! And compared with others, you can hold it more easily.

8 Powerful Vibration + 4 Intense Suction = Wonderful Combo

There are 8 different vibration settings for you to choose from with this adult machine for men playing. If you like constant vibration, the first 3 modes give you 3 different vibrating speeds. If you like more fancy, the other 5 multi-band inverter vibration patterns will meet your needs.

In addition to multiple vibrations, this masturbating tool also has 4 types of sucking for you, accompanied by clamps. When the sucking starts, the cup will clamp down on your c0ck in different degrees. It is recommended to get to know them before using this model and also choose the one that suits you best.

How to Clean it?

1. Rotate the cup and base to separate.

2. Continue to suck so that the residual liquid is discharged from the drain, and then wipe the base with a clean towel. (Note: the base isn’t waterproof)

3. Use some force to open the sleeve for cleaning.

(Not to tear the silicone mouth of the sleeve because of excessive force)

4. Wash and then dry with a clean towel.

5. Assemble this massager and put it away for the next use.

3D Texture, Simulated Particles for More Comprehensive Stimulation

When you put your di-ck into the sleeve, you’ll feel it is being hooped by an elastic silicone ring. Inside the sleeve, there are a variety of shapes of 3D particles ready for you. When you turn on the vibrate button, they start to work, to rub, to stimulate. In addition, there is a small ball at the bottom of the sleeve, which will give a combined massage with the tongue-shaped pieces.

Used As a V-agina1 Masturbator

The silicone used to make this masturbator is soft and flexible, safe and odorless. With the mock interior design, it is definitely a qualified V-aginal sex machine, bringing you an unprecedented experience.


You can remove the cup and clean it in warm soapy water. The base of this stroker is not washable. Please do not soak or clean it with water.

Private Box

Each of our toys arrives with a private box. Your item is delivered in a standard cardboard box with no pertinent info on it. You don’t need to worry that people will know what you’re buying.


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