• Your “Bro” will drive a powerful lift. The 4-frequency push function simulates the real feeling of masturbation (slide up and down? Because the is like driving a rail-controlled lift and masturbates all the time to orgasm), the internal 3D particles massage your , 7-frequency stak vibration, you will feel crispy deaf and quickly reach orgasm, feel satisfied.
  • The first ultra waterproof electric masturbator: the fully waterproof automatic masturbator can be taken with you in the bathroom, shower. The ultra-quiet design of less than 55 decibels allows you to play unnoticed.
  • Continuous design: the masturbator has a continuous design at both ends, which is not limited by the size and is suitable for everyone. The realistic mastubrator sex toy for men has a small handle that is easy to hold and can also enjoy hands-free entertainment.
  • Easy storage: the compact electric masturbator is powerful yet small, making it very easy to store. Only 20 cm long, can be put in backpacks, handbags. You can masturbate at any time during a business trip in a hotel or in the car.
  • Neutral packaging + customer service: sex toy for male masturbators is neutrally packaged, your privacy comes first. We offer customer service that reply within 24 hours. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

The masturbator opened at both ends creates a 4-frequency thrust function with the help of a push-pull bar that simulates the real masturbation feeling and frees your hands. The electric masturbator cup has 2 vibrating eggs to create a 7-frequency vibration function, from weak to strong numbness, there is always a suitable mode for you. The silicone meat with a diameter of 4 cm is suitable for most people, and the elastic silicone offers you more possibilities. Compared to conventional masturbating sex toys for men, the design of the handle can reduce your resistance and make the use more comfortable.


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