• Fits on almost any size balls
  • More weight can be added with the hanging clips
  • Includes two 8oz. Weights

Test your limits with a unique ball stretcher and two 8 ounce weights! Start with a manageable tug by slipping the U portion of the stretcher onto your scrotum above your balls. Savor the pull of the heavy-duty stainless steel as gravity takes it toll! Two connector chains dangle with convenient hooks for adding each of the weighted balls… or maybe even more! How much can you handle? Play on your own or with your Master or Mistress! The durable material is non-porous, making it easy to sanitize after each use. Measurements: Stretcher is 5.5 inches in length. Chains are 9 inches in length. Open for scrotum is .75 inches. Ball circumference is 1.5 inches. Material: Metal. Note: Includes ball stretcher and two 8 oz. weights.


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Heavy Stainless Steel Squeeze ...

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