• [100% Hands Free Penis Training Tool for Hands-free Climax] This newly-upgraded & APP-controlled male vibrator has an ultra-soft foldable cover at the top & a buckle design. Its hole is adjustable to fit any penis shape & size. The mens vibrator can gently wrap your glans, frenulum & shaft, offering 360° wrap-around stimulation. More intense feelings can be given by cover & strap squeezing. It’s a nice penis coach to train your sensitivity, improve your sexual stamina & offer hands-free climax.
  • [Flexible Cover & Adjustable Strap with 3-in-1 Function of Cock Ring+Male Masturbator+Penis Trainer] This penis toy is not only a male masturbator but also a penis vibrator & vibrating cock ring. Its flexible cover imitates the deepest structure of vagina, bringing you a vaginal sexual pleasure. You can fold back the cover, adjust the strap tighter and use it as a penis ring. The front bulge can stimulate your frenulum(the sensitive area under penis) for mind-blowing ejaculation.
  • [9 Powerful Vibration & Texture Design to Increase Intensity to Stimulate Each Sensitive Nerve of Frenulum] Its 9 different vibration modes allow you to explore the most suitable sensation and intensity to achieve climax. The oval texture design enlarges the frenulum stimulation, and every inch of your glans can be trained evenly. We recommend you use the gentle mode at the beginning and gradually increase the intensity of the vibration after the penis adapts to the vibration.
  • [How The Male Stimulator Help to Improve Your Sexual Stamina] This stroker can be used for edging. When you are close to climax, stop or slow down before climax is reached, then back up to approach climax again. In this way, you can continuously train your penis and eventually have the effect of prolonging and strengthening the pleasure of climax. You’re retraining your body to have sex in a more pleasurable way and improving your sexual health.
  • [Long Distance Shareable Play – APP Controlled Pleasure From Anywhere in the World] With the smartphone APP control, our sex toys for men opens up a world of intimate possibilities for you and your partner. Experience real-time remote interaction, no matter the distance between you. You can take control of and guide your partner’s pleasure, and witness his response in perfect synchronization, leading to shared climaxes. It’s ideal for long-distance relationships.
  • [Diverse Sexual Play – Endless Pleasure Combinations With 6 Operation Modes]The APP control features 6 operation modes, offering limitless pleasure options. The classic mode has 9 ready-to-enjoy vibrations. The video mode customizes your favorite scene. The music mode syncs the vibration with your favorite music. The delimit mode creates individual vibrations and the shake mode offers the vibrations by phone shaking. Just invite your partner to share the fun on the APP via interactive mode.
  • [Premium Silicone Material] Our cock vibrator is made of high-quality silicone material, which is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. With its soft and flexible features, our male sex toys can provide a gentle and pleasurable sensation. You can confidently explore your desires.

How to Increase Your Sex Stamina by Scientific Traininig?


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