• Conveniently Portable: This scaled-down size sex doll is travel-friendly, measuring just 7x6x4.6 inches and weighing 4.5lbs. Its perfect weight ensures that you can use it for long periods or lift it without getting tired. It’s an excellent companion when you travel alone.
  • Dual Realistic Channels: This male masturbator has two semi-closed, pluggable, and independent channels, including a realistic wet vagina and a super-tight anus. The vaginal channel is 5.6 inches deep, soft, and stimulating, with lots of granules and bulges, while the anal channel is 4.9 inches deep, providing excellent suction. Its perfect weight ensures you can have a mostly hands-free experience.
  • Soft and Elastic Material mens sex toys: Made from high-quality TPE material, this pocket pussies is soft, skin-friendly, and odorless, with a smooth texture that feels like skin. Its soft yet firm texture provides a maximum realistic experience, with pores and even goosebumps. It can also shake continuously after gentle tapping.
  • Easy to Use and Clean: This male masturbator has simulated labia outside the vaginal passage. The malleable silicone is excellent, stretching to fit various sizes while maintaining its shape. It’s comfortable and secure, no matter your size preference. It’s also super easy to clean after use – simply rinse with water and wipe clean with a dry towel before storing in a cool place.This is a great sex toys for men.
  • Trusted Quality and Nice Service: Each of our products is tested for durability before leaving the factory to ensure they have a good service life. We guarantee that each item is new and unopened to ensure hygiene and customer privacy. Plus, we offer a one-year quality guarantee, making your purchase worry-free.

1:1 replica of a women ‘s body shape, you will enjoy unprecedented happiness!

Material:male masturbator is made of high-quality TPE, which is soft, smooth, and flexible like real female skin. Don’t worry about tearing when forcefully pulling and inserting, kneading and pulling at will not deform

Features: Realistic sex doll, with a contoured abdominal muscles, large buttocks, and a sexy waist, perfectly showcasing a female figure

3D realistic puss’y and anus channels with texture: Both channels are seperated, and with closed end, they will have better sucking power and more exciting almost like a real tight women. And, the perfect sizes of the puss’y and anus channels are most adults dream about, perfect tightness and length is easy to get orgasm soon.

Easy to handled and hide: This male sex toy tpe is lightweight, easy to handled, and portable for travel, and easy to store and hide as well.

Discreet package: Packed in a blank well sealed box without any sensitive text or image, nobody know what’s inside, no worry about being discovered about your privacy.

2 Holes, many fun!

2 in 1 real dolls for mens sex with realistic vaginal sex, anal sex fun, satisfy you lots of desire about sex.

Tight and flexible puss’y and anus satisfy you with full insert, and strong stimulation!

These two holes are long enough for your cock full inserts, and enjoy the fully strong stimulation and orgasm!

Vagina length: 5.6in/14.2cm.

Anus length: 4.9in/12.5cm.

How to Clean and Maintain the male sex doll

1.We recommend using a water-based lubricant during everyday use to enhance the experience.

2.After using the product, please clean it promptly by using warm water .and use a clean cloth or tissue to wipe it dry.

3. Refrain from utilizing a hair dryer as this could damage the device.

4. When storing, avoid direct sunlight and damp environments, and use a dedicated storage bag.

5.If the product is not frequently used, it is recommended to regularly clean and maintain it to ensure its lifespan and quality.


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