• 【Sucking Clitoral Nipple Stimulator】- Clitoral sucking vibration is an eccentric motor technology. Clitoral Sucking is combined with the program software inside the chip and the peripheral electronic hardware.The motor rotates inside the structural part to drive the bearing to achieve the sucking effect; 1 Button operation to control the mode and speed of the motor, so that the nipple stimulation can produce different experiences in different modes and speeds.
  • 【3 Suction Modes Clit Stimulator Sex Toys】- The clit sex vibrator has 3 Suctions modes,When you turn it on for the first time, the clit sucking has a memory function, and it will stay in the second mode when you turn it again,sucking function stimulates the clit and helps the user to get pleasure quickly.
  • 【Unique Engineering Design】-The nozzle sucker fits most people’s bodies and simple 1-button operation makes it easier, small and lightweight size allows you to carry it in the most discreet way,it will gently or intensely stimulate your clitoris/nipple.
  • 【Silent Vibration 】- When it is turned on, you can hardly hear it vibration. Can effectively protect your privacy, let your sexual blessing only flow in your own world, and save the trouble of being disturbed;The clitoris stimulator is made of the safe and environmentally friendly skin-friendly silicone, which can directly contact the female vagina.
  • 【Privacy Guaranteed】- Your privacy is the utmost importance to us. We promise send your products in secret condition, the packaging without any pictures and words about sex.(Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this product)

A Vibrating Ating Toy That Makes You Unable To Stop!

Cli*toral Sucking Vibrator Toy all-around fit wrap & large suction mouth design, more coverage, a mouthful of your cutie, through the Pulse Pure Sucking Technology sucking

3 Suction Modes Cl*it Stimulator

Let this bring you sweet and pulsating sensations

Tip:When you switch on and off for the second time, it is the second speed when you use it again.

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Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone Silicone
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Discreet Package
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