• ❤Body-Safe Silicone Material – The vibrating penis ring made of safe and soft silicone, smooth and comfortable to use. In addition, the silicone ring has a good elasticity, can be stretched to a large extent, fits all sizes.
  • ❤10 Exciting Vibration Modes – This lip shaped cock ring with a selection of 10 vibration modes, each one worth experiencing.
  • ❤Lip Design & Stretchable Size – The design of the lip shape make you feel like your lover is near you and erect quickly. You can freely adjust the size of the mouth shape of the sex ring.
  • ❤Rabbit Ear Brush Head Stimulation- The rabbit ear design is not only for aesthetics, but the soft brush head above adds extra stimulation to you. The 2 symmetrical rabbit ears can tightly wrap and stimulate the testicles and glans.
  • ❤For Men and couples – This vibrating cock ring is not only for men, but also for couples.
  • ❤Magnetic Charging & IPX7 Waterproof – The penis rings uses convenient magnetic charging method, so you can easily find a replacement cable that fits. In addition, the magnetic charging port is designed to be more waterproof, so you can use it in water and rinse it with confidence.
  • ❤Discreet Packaging – This silicone toy comes in discreet packaging, we pay attention to your privacy protection. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

This red lip training ring gives you a refreshing visual experience, and its unique shape will surprise you. In addition, it has many advantages, such as silent, quiet room test noise is less than 50dB; good waterproof, waterproof level up to IPX7; soft material, made of soft and safe silicone; many vibration modes, it has 10 different vibrations to choose from.

This silicone ring can be used by men alone or with a partner, it has 2 soft bunny ears shaped brush heads that vibrate with the motor, friction the skin of you and your partner for wonderful stimulating pleasure. In addition, the mouth ring can be easily adjusted in size, you can easily squeeze and pull it into a regular circle and wrap you tightly.

This vibrating ring has 10 different modes from weak to strong, it is very helpful whether it is used for couples flirting or men’s enhancing exercise. Please wash the product thoroughly before and after use, pay attention to personal hygiene; when using, you can apply a little water-based lubricant to avoid excessive skin friction.

Soft Silicone Brush Heads

The product is made of safe silicone, with good elasticity, easy to pull, but not deformed, and safe to use.

Magnetic USB Charging

The design of magnetic charging makes your use more convenient, you can charge it at any time, and it is more waterproof and safe.

Adjustable Mouth Shape

Since the material of the silicone ring is very soft, you can easily round or flatten the mouth shape, so as to easily adjust the size.


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