• Sex Machine & Realistic Dildo 2 in 1 Design: It’s a automatic sex machine, adopts simulated design. The realistic dildo can also detach from the base and be used on it’s own. This adult sex toy has 10 different thrust & vibration modes can be controlled separately, open the two functions separately or at the same time.
  • Remote & Suction Cup: To give you a hands-free play, this curved penis comes with a remote. The remote control distance is about 30 Ft, no need to use your hands. And with the suction cup, you can stick the dildo firmly to the toilet lid, shower wall or a chair.(smooth and flat surface) With the remote control in hand, choose different strengths and frequencies for yourself.
  • 23°Cure Design: There is no straight line in the human body. Whether it’s your hair or your organs or your bones, they all have some curvature to them. So why should your sex toy be straight? This curved sex machine has a 23 degree curve for a more ergonomic design. When in use, the curved dildo fits your body better.
  • Waterproof & Magnetic USB Rechargeable: 100% waterproof, and can be used in the bathroom. It’s easy to clean after used. Magnetic charging makes it convenient to recharge, have fun anytime anywhere. 60 min averaged using time when it fully charged.
  • Discreet Package & One Year Warranty: The thrusting vibrator comes with a discreet package to avoid the embarrassing moment when you receive the item.

Triple Functions, Triple The Joy

*It’s a realistic dildo with life-like material and design.

You can use it as a normal thrusting dildo.

*It’s a vibrator

The head can vibrate also, you can turn on the vibration only, just enjoy it as a vibrator.

*It’s a automatic sex machine

Stick it to the wall, put your hands down, use the remote to control it, use it as sex machine

Vibrating and Thrusting Motion Combined Adult Sex Toy

Feels soft to the touch yet firm on the center,

The thrusting frequency: 500 times/ min(Max)

The vibration frequency: 6000 times/ min(Max)

225°Angle Swing

Once you get the angle right, that thing is incredible

With Powerful Suction Device

How to use:

First to clean the suction cup and the wall( so that they it can be complete vacuum and connect really tight)

Then put it at your ideal place and press down the button, it will automatically exhaust air and tighten down to the wall firmly

You can put it on the desk, door, toilet, bathtub, bedside or more…

Sampling frequency from man

Thousands of samples were analysed, ten were selected and upgraded. The sex machine is made to behave like a man. Its thrusts are not mechanical like those of other machines. Its power is transmitted from bottom to top, stimulating all your nerves. Like a wave, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes gentle, sometimes violent.


100% waterproof, can be used in bathroom, and very convenient to clean it under water

USB Rechargeable

USB charging cable included, convenient to recharge it.

just connect it to charging adapter, power bank, or computer to charge for it.

Please fully charge it before use

Discreet packaging

No information about the product on the packing box.

Never need to worry about awkward when receiving the package

Sex Machine Dildo(Black) App & Remote Vibrator Rabbit Vibrator
Thrust X


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