• 3 automatic suction functions masturbator cup: How to achieve an oral sex feeling? The electric masturbator makes it realistic. Electric masturbator cup gently wraps around your sensitive parts, as if a woman is holding your tail with her lips. Masturbator can suck you deeply. During the sucking process continues, this sex toy will suck your tail with all power and her mouth will squeeze the tail deep, just like seed collector.
  • A button orgasm design masturbator✈ Behind the electric masturbator is a surprise. Press the orgasm button, the vibration and suction immediately reach the highest level. The pocket pussy cup with strongest stimulation comes all sexual experiences like real. To protect your safety, we have also developed a one-button exhaust. Press the button, the suction power is released, the air is released, and the inner shell shrinks and squeezes your together.
  • 4 vibration modes to stimulate the glans. The electric masturbator for men is equipped with a powerful vibration egg at the top. Every time you enter your glans will feel how electric masturbator cup shakes. Masturbator men’s sex toy with 4 progressive modes, from endurance training to orgasm, there is always a mode that suits you.
  • 3D channel texture + soft material vibrator: the inner sleeve of the male sex toy for men has a variety of textures, a large round texture at the entrance, a raised burr texture in the middle and a small round texture in the inner part. Electric masturbator simulates the interior of a real woman’s cavity. Our masturbator cup is made of 100% food-grade silicone, soft and skin-friendly, and the inner structure for a realistic oral sex experience.
  • Oral size: the entire length of this sex toy for men is 8.3 inches, diameter is 3.3 inches, easy to hold with one hand. The inner sleeve of this electric masturbator is 5.1 inches deep, and 1.1 inches diameter, the perfect size for most men, as an oral automatic pocket pussy and stimulator.
  • More details: Each small practical detail doubles your experience. The electric masturbator cup has a multi-dimensional, square housing that is not only simple and beautiful, but also easier to hold. There is a fixed ring at the entrance of the inner case: when in use, you can not worry that it will slip out during use. You can easily remove it before cleaning.
  • Before use, please charge it completely, hold the switch button down (approx. 3s) until the light flashes, and then click on the function button, then the one click orgasm (on the back of the product), 3 x suction mode, 4 x vibration mode and one button exhaust can be used, you can also press the switch button (approx. 3s) to turn off. If you have any questions, please contact us. Your question will be answered within 24 hours.

3-in-1 Automatic Masturbator Oral Sucking Masturbating Man Electric Masturbator Cup One Click to Orgasm Stimulator Sex Toy for Men


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