• BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE – Experience extreme pleasure like never before with our unmatched, multi-award-winning penis sheath designed to increase your size and capacity to please both you and your partner. Our Ultra Fat sheath adds an impressive 1” girth for intense pleasure.
  • ULTRA-REAL FEELING – Our Fat Boy penis sheath is made with the revolutionary SilaSkin, a fantastic material made of our proprietary blend of TPR and silicone – only available from Perfect Fit. Legendary in its silky softness, resilience, and comfort. It is latex-free and odorless.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT – Wearing a Fat Boy is like a hug for your penis. Our penis sheath sexual enhancers have significant stretch and are easy to put on. The SilaSkin material compresses and adds pleasure and comfort without sacrificing an intense orgasmic experience.
  • OUR FAT BOYS FIT EVERYONE – Our Fat Boy sexual enhancers penis sheath comes in different sizes to fit everyone (4″-7″) and each unique texture equips you and your partner a delicious sensory experience. A longer sheath allows more movement and personal stimulation while a tighter one may be easier to use. Not intended to provide support for erectile dysfunction and does not work as birth control.
  • AMAZING IS OUR STANDARD – PerfectFit Brand was established in 2011 and has since manufactured innovative and easy-to-use play gear. Award-winning inventor, Steve Callow founded the company based on the principle that adult pleasure toys such as penis sheaths, cock rings, and other sexual enhancers should not only look and feel great but above all perform and provide a high-quality experience.

Your sex life may be satisfying, but why stop there? Take it to the next level for both yourself and your partner with Perfect Fit’s innovative line of Fat Boy girth enhancers! Adding texture to your circumference, it will stretch your partner to the limits of ecstasy. Internal ribs and nubs provide amazing stimulation for the wearer, with or without a partner. The ultra-soft realistic texture adds to the pleasure, giving this girth extender a wider range of use as a stroker. Some women have even found it useful for personal masturbation by fitting it over their hand.

Fat Boy Ultra Fat

Our most popular organ sheath. It may be simple and straightforward, but is more than enough to drive your partner wild.

Fat Boy Thin

Perfect for partners who just need a little extra, but not too much. It’s thinner than the Ultra Fat, but it’s still more than enough to stretch the both of you to the limits of ecstasy.

Fat Boy Micro Ribbed

Builds off the original design with raised concentric rings, perfect for driving your partner wild. The interior is lined with the same nubbing as other Fat Boy models.

Fat Boy Checker Plate

Builds off the original design with broken lines of ridges, intensifying pleasure. The interior is lined with the same nubbing as other Fat Boy models.

Ultra Real Feeling

All Fat Boy girth extenders are made with SilaSkin, a proprietary TPR/Silicone material that is latex-free and has a velvety texture as close to real as you can get. It is safe to use with most people, as is generally hypoallergenic, and odorless. Though intended to be worn by bio-men, it can be used with trans-men and trans-women. You can comfortably slide it on and it will return to its original snug circumference. Anchoring with the scrotum loop is just as easy, with minimal worries that you will rip it.

SilaSkin works best with water-based lubricants. Avoid using with silicone and latex based products, such as latex condoms.

Fat Boy Sheath – Checker Plate Fat Boy Sheath – Ultra Fat Fat Boy Sheath – Thin Fat Boy Sheath – Micro Rib Hump Gear XL
Product Type Sheath / Girth Enhancer Sheath / Girth Enhancer Sheath / Girth Enhancer Sheath / Girth Enhancer Girth Enhancer / Butt Plug
Material SilaSkin SilaSkin SilaSkin SilaSkin SilaSkin
Increases Girth 0.7″ 1″ 0.5″ 0.7″ 3.0″
Open Ended No No No No No
External Texturing No
Internal Texturing No
Penetration Anal & Vaginal Anal & Vaginal Anal & Vaginal Anal & Vaginal Anal
Secures Scrotum Loop Scrotum Loop Scrotum Loop Scrotum Loop Base Nub


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