• 【7 Rotation Modes with Telescopic Function】The powerful motor provides excellent performance with a choice of 7 rotation patterns and speeds, whether you want to be fast or slow, this blowjob simulator will satisfy you. With a retractable distance of 2 cm, this quality masturbator will constantly stimulate your sensitive points along your penis. There’s sure to be a mode to suit your tastes!
  • 【Turnable Suction Cup & Frees Your Hands】The electric massager for men is equipped with a powerful suction cup that allows you to place the masturbator on any smooth surface and enjoy its powerful 360-degree stimulation – a real fucking machine for men! It’s truly hands-free, all you have to do is put your penis in and everything is done automatically. Enjoy this fun single player game!
  • 【Soft and Flexible Inner Sleeve】To provide the comfortable and real sex fun, this sex cup uses flexible and soft silicone for the inner sleeve. Inside the sleeve, hundreds of tentacles will touch and rub the cock like a sea anemone, each tentacle helping to bring the user one step closer to the big O. To facilitate this, you should use plenty of water-based lubricant. The included lube is a nice bonus.
  • 【Cool Look & Fun to Install】 The appearance of this Whigmaleerie masturbator is reminiscent of many sci-fi movies, making it look like a space capsule floating in the universe, sleek and minimalistic. Its main components are almost completely detachable, which might give you extra fun when assembling it. And thanks to our twist-and-lock design and innovative double sleeve, cleaning becomes a simple task too!
  • 【USB Charging and Discreet Packaging】. This erotic item comes with a USB charging cable and can be charged for 180 minutes and used for about 90 minutes. The electric pussy comes in discreet packaging to avoid any embarrassing moments when you receive the item. Your privacy is safe!

This electric masturbation cup will provide you with a whole new level of pleasure.

Are you in search of a masturbator that feels just as good as the real thing? Your search has finally come to an end, because your wishes have been answered: the Jahuno Masturbation Cup is here!

  1. This male sex toy looks like a space capsule floating through the universe, but when you actually use it, you’ll find that its appearance is deceiving! Underneath the sleek exterior of the masturbation cup lies a beast that will drive you wild at night.
  2. We focused on the rotational and retractable functions of this stimulator, striving to make it the ultimate in one aspect! The texture inside the sex toy is grained differently to intensify stimulation. The soft silicone and internal bumps of the pleasure device provide a delightful rolling massage that delivers an extremely pleasurable sensation to both your glans and the upper part of your c0ck.
  3. Equipped with a powerful, adjustable suction cup that securely adheres to all smooth surfaces, this sex machine will greatly enhance your sex*ual experience. A 240-degree rotation range truly frees up your hands – simply insert your big guy into the masturbator and wait until it’s over! In this regard, this product offers you the best experience.

Powerful motors for a realistic sex*ual experience.

With 7 rotation modes and automatic telescopic function, this masturbator behaves like a charming, experienced sex worker constantly stroking up and down your shaft, rotating and stimulating your intimate area to enrich your solo play. You will experience different sensations during intercourse with various rotation frequencies and directions – from beginner to advanced, from slow to fast, from gentle to wild – let the pleasure penetrate your thoughts. All you have to do is lean back, relax, and enjoy the exquisite penetration without moving a single finger. Give it to your man and let this toy take control of his magic wand when you’re on a business trip or away from him.

What’s different about this male sex toy?

  • High-tech shape, full of mechanical design aesthetics.
  • The electric p*ussy bag features a twist-lock design that allows for smooth assembly and disassembly.
  • The double sleeve makes the product easier to clean.
  • The powerful motor provides an exciting user experience.
  • The interior of the product is designed with various small elevations to increase friction on the c0ck, and the entrance is designed to prevent leakage of lubricant and water-based body fluids.


The proper way to clean it.

The TPE inner sleeve of the male sex toy is removable and can be easily cleaned under running water. Turn it inside out, rinse it off, and dry it without cleaning the motor part.

Realistic 3D channel

The inside of the masturbator is made of high quality TPE material that is soft and flexible. The 3D channel design gives you a more realistic feel for your pe*nis and glans. Thanks to the safe and odourless silicone, you don’t have to worry about safety anymore and you can wash and use it again and again.

Magnetic USB charging & private packaging

The pleasure device has an excellent range, with 180 minutes of charging time and approximately 90 minutes of use. The private packaging also allows you to use it without fear of embarrassment.


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