• Lovetoy penis sleeve has comfortable and realistic texture for both the wearer and the partner.
  • An inserted vibrator in this penis enlarger provides vibrations.
  • This penis extender is ultra-stretchy and simple to put on and take off. So resilient to fit most sizes and providing an additional 45 % in girth.
  • Penis ring is made of body-safe material TPE. Latex free, phthalate free. This cock ring is soft, not easily ripped. Durable to be used repeatedly and easily pull or fold it without deformation.
  • Waterproof and very easy to clean by soapy water or warm water. Sex Toys for Adults.
  • This item is a sex toy specifically designed for adult use and is not intended for individuals below the legal age of consent.

Lovetoy vibrating ring amplifies bedroom excitement with additional vibrations

Knights Ring offers extended pleasure for individuals and couples seeking a prolongation, with a realistic, fleshy touch for an authentic sensation. This adult sex toy wraps for support, enhancing girth by 45%. Durable, ultra-stretchy, and skin-safe, it’s perfect for repeated use and easy cleaning.

The ultra-soft touch shaft of Reusable Extender makes 45% thicker all around.

The inner diameter of the small opening is 3cm/1.18 inch; the inner diameter of the large opening is 3.5cm/1.37 inch (manual measurement has deviation).

This item is a sex toy specifically designed for adult use and is not intended for individuals below the legal age of consent.

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Dive into a true sense of our high-quality enlarger sleeve.

  1. Vibrating co-ckring extender for thrilling fun
  2. Designed to wear during intercourse
  3. Made of safe TPE, stretchy grips for a harder, longer e-rection
  4. Waterproof, Latex free, Phthalate free


From Our Customers’ Lens

Discover the silky smooth touch of our natural extender, offering unparalleled softness with high elasticity. Durable, tear-resistant, and safe for the skin, it’s designed for repeated use and easy cleaning.

How to install the vibrator and battery?

Mini vibrator is optional – easily insert or remove it based on your preference.

The package contains one lightweight battery. The battery can be replaced with a new one when it runs out of power, no need to charge it.

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Cotton, Spandex, Silicone Faux leather, silicone TPE PVC PVC Dual Layered Silicone TPE
Ranging from 28-42″ waist Ranging from 28-43″ waist Total length 7.5 inches Total length 10 Inches Total Length 7 inches Total length 12 inches Total length 13.5 inches
Insertable Length
/ / / 8 inches 5 inches 11.5 inches 10.4 inches
/ / / 5.5 inches 8.5 inches 9.1 inches 7.5 inches
Suction base diameter
/ / / 3.3 inches 3 inches 3.2 inches 3.5 inches


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