• Swollen big breasts, warm vagina, elastic ass, intimate sister with sexy body.
  • 5-frequency automatic sucking and vibrating function, more than real oral and sexual stimulation.
  • Anterior vagina and posterior court dual channels, feel the suction of vagina and anus.
  • Built-in skeleton, control the body arbitrarily, unlock new poses and gameplay.
  • One-click exhaust and drainage to keep the inside of the vagina ventilated and clean.
  • Remote control, easier to meet your own needs.

The neighbor’s eldest sister is standing in front of you in a lace suit. You can vaguely see her thick and moist labia, her big breasts that can’t move your eyes, and you can’t hold breasts with one hand at all, so need to hold with both hands, kissing pink nipples, delicate collarbone, round buttocks, and extremely realistic details will make you amazed. The TPE material can be kneaded with you, and the touch is first-class. Built-in skeleton, the body can be manipulated by you, you can lift her to the balcony, sofa… Insert your swollen cock into puckered, textured channels, rub your dick hard, and nurse your bro with different sucking and vibrating frequencies for heavenly pleasure. With dual access, you can also enjoy doggystyle and missionary pleasure in the bathroom, and life-grade waterproof guarantees a good sexual experience. You can even remotely control her, there are many unique new ways to play tonight looking forward to your unlocking.

Please note: Using lube for best experience.


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Realistic Doll Male Masturbato...

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