• Dual channels for versatile satisfaction.
  • Realistic square-shaped buttocks mold.
  • Explore two distinct pathways to pleasure.
  • Experience lifelike sensations from all angles.
  • Your go-to for satisfying and unique enjoyment.

Embark on an enchanting journey of pleasure as we present a distinctive square-shaped buttocks mold!

This unique mold features a dual-channel design, offering you the delight of a dual-stimulation experience. Each side’s channel brings different sensations, allowing you to have more options during exploration and relish in a diverse range of experiences.

Crafted from highly elastic material and shaped in a square form, it delivers a unique visual and tactile indulgence. The snug embrace ensures that every insertion becomes an unparalleled sensory adventure.

This square-shaped buttocks mold is tailored for those seeking extraordinary pleasure. Not only is its shape distinctive, but the dual-channel stimulation also lets you revel in double the enjoyment.

Now, let this product become your companion during intimate moments, and bestow upon you an extraordinary experience of pleasure. Unleash your inner desires and revel in the unique stimulation brought by this square-shaped buttocks mold!


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Realistic Square Shaped Buttoc...

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