• Self-rotating masturbator cup: the latest masturbation device for men, after continuous technical improvements, we want to offer you a more real sex experience. This masturbation cup has 7 automatic rotation modes that simulate different sex positions and completely say goodbye to traditional manual mode.
  • 7 modes and one button orgasm design: this electric masturbator offers a 7 modes telescopic function and rotating massage function, sex toy for men that stimulates the , you will feel different stimulation at 7 vibration frequencies. Masturbator man hands-free cup, the one-button orgasm design gives you continuous stimulation, masturbator in the strongest suction mode and vibration mode, so that it sucks your sucks and vibrates
  • Realistic 3D channel: the realistic 3D texture channel is more exciting. The tight passages and obvious nubs can wrap your perfectly around 360° and stimulate every inch of your skin. The air in the channel circulates effectively and simulates swallowing of the mouth muscles. You will feel like having real oral sex with a charming woman
  • Environmentally friendly TPE material: 100% waterproof, soft and elastic. The masturbator simulates real skin and you feel the comfort of smooth skin. Then make the orgasm more intense and experience more real. The oral pocket pussy is equipped with a built-in battery, so it can be charged environmentally friendly. For the best enjoyment, we recommend the use of KinkLove water-based lubricants in combination
  • Easy to remove and discreet to delivery: the inner tank is removable and easy to clean. You can remove the inner tank according to the picture description, simply clean the inner tank of the sex toy. The separate design ensures easy cleaning, convenient drying and keeps the product body clean and sterile. The sex toy for men must not be immersed in water. Amazon fast delivery, private packaging, safe and reliable

3 in 1 Automatic Masturbator for Men

3-in-1 Electric Masturbator Cup with 7-stretch frequencies and rotation modes

Help become an iron man!


Our masturbation simulates the pressure of the real va-ginal canal by the principle of vacuum, so that the entire inner wall tightly tunes and wraps the pen-is, making the experience more real and not easy to strain.

One-key to enjoy

The one-click climax design allows you to easily try all the features. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant for the best possible experience. The masturbator men sex toy uses a magnetic USB charging, which is very convenient.

TPE Material,Private Packaging: The soft TPE material is 100% waterproof. It simulates real skin, you can feel the comfort of smooth skin, make the or-gasms more intense.

The inner tank is removable, easy to clean, and hygienic. Automatic Masturbator Cup shipped privately, don’t worry about your privacy.


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