• [Growth & Delay] Wearing this penis sleeve will increase your length by 2.8 inches and the circumference by about 30%. The unique lock ring design allows you to easily fight for a long time and enjoy the double pleasure of psychology and physiology! This penis extender comes with a remote control, the advantage is that you can freely adjust the vibration frequency of the penis sleeve, which in the experience will be qualitatively improved, no one will refuse a sex toy with a remote control
  • [Upgraded vibration motor] This penis extender uses the latest generation of vibration motors in sex toys. It not only provides eight vibration modes but also supports remote control. Ensure you can touch your partner’s G-point or P-point in different positions. I believe a large part of the experience of adult toys comes from the performance of the motor, which can turn a seemingly mediocre sex toy into a penis sleeve that enhances the experience for both couples
  • [High-quality liquid silicone] This penis sleeve uses high-quality liquid silicone that is safe and harmless to the human body. Compared to other materials of penis sleeve, this penis extender is made of soft silicone, and the thickness and density of this penis sleeve is increased by a lot. We spent a year conducting in-depth research on safety, ductility, comfort, and product size to launch this adult toy.
  • [Easy to clean] An excellent adult toy does not only need to have superior performance, but also needs to work on the convenience of use. Thanks to the excellent material, the penis sleeve with a motor supports waterproof function. You can clean it directly with water after use without worrying about any risk of short circuit.
  • [Privacy & After-sales] All of sex toys are supports a one-year warranty and 12-hour customer service quick response. At the same time, we redesigned the packaging to ensure that no one can see from the packaging that this is a penis sleeve.

Silicone Sleeve

DILDOOBRO, the most ergonomic sex toy brand, has completed the design and development of this great sex toys in just three months. What distinguishes it from other silicone sleeve is that it adopts a new design concept and uses better silicone material. Wireless remote control sex toys are always admired, and reusable adult toys are more cost-effective than disposable ones. This silicone cover can meet all your needs for this type of toy! Trust and get it now!

Sex Toys for Men and Women

We have added some interesting elements to the design of sex toys for a particular gender, just like this adult toys. It not only brings a fuller and more exciting experience to girls, but we have also considered that this kind of adult toys can make up for the lack of male stimulation. We have added a powerful vibrating motor to the top of the silicone sleeve. In this way, it becomes an adult toy that enables both partners to have a great experience.

  • The length can grow up to 2-2.5 inches (because the silicone material is soft, there will be different degrees of deformation depending on the person)
  • The thickness can vary from 0.2-0.5 cm (this thickness varies to different degrees according to individual circumstances).


Soft Silicone Adult Toys

The quality of the sex toy material can directly affect the player’s sense of experience. We have negated the use of soft TPE material because it is not completely reliable for the human body. Instead, we use silicone material with higher density and better ductility as the raw material of this adult toy. The heat resistance, sensitivity, density, comfort, and ductility of the material are all better than those of TPE. The thickening of the silicone ring also allows the sex toys to last longer. Its fine lines and surface treatment of skin texture can also bring visual stimulation. From a professional point of view, explains that the design of sex toys should be comprehensive and not superficial and simple.

8 Powerful Vibration Modes Sex Toys

This sex toy has 8 vibration modes of different intensity and frequency. Through research, we have selected several of the most popular vibration frequencies, which allow everyone to choose their preferred frequency. You only need to press the vibration button repeatedly while it is working, and you can switch to different frequencies.

Easy to Use !

How to use:

1. Press the switch button for 2 seconds to turn on the power.

2. Then use the remote control to start or stop the toy.

3. Press the vibration button repeatedly to switch to different vibration frequencies.


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