• Prostate massager & attached double-deck cock ring for triple stimulation
  • Textured slim head, special small particles & wavy body to increase thrilling sensation
  • 10-frequency vibration from gentle to rough, satisfy your various needs
  • The remote control makes it easier to adjust the frequency
  • IPX-6 waterproof material allows it to be washed directly or soaked in water for 2-3minutes
  • USB rechargeable for use anywhere

The innovative anal toy is committed to bringing new experiences of anal sex. If you’re tired of the traditional prostate massagers, this product is right for you. When the prostate massager is matched with vibration, you will enjoy the pleasure of an explosive orgasm. No man can refuse this toy unless he tried!

The combination of the prostate massager and double-deck cock ring is another attraction. Prostate and penis double-stimulation will make you want to scream with pleasure.

Are you worried about if the anal toy can enter your secret place successfully?  I surely can tell you this toy won’t have this problem. The textured slim ball on the top is ergonomically designed, and special particles on the bottom of the ball will make you tremble. The wavy design and angular structure also increased its charm. You will not only be attracted by its function but also by its whole design.

The toy looks small and exquisite, but once you use it, you will be surprised by its powerful motor and crazy about its 10-frequency vibration. Its low-frequency mode is for beginners, soon you can accept the high-frequency mode after exercising for a while. Your prostate will also be healthier of course.

You will be wrong if you think this toy only can be used by men. Ladies who want to feel the stimulation of the anus and nipple also can use it. It’s also a perfect choice for couples who want to add some pleasure to their sex life and its remote control makes it easy to adjust by your partner.

USB charging can be used anywhere. IPX-6 waterproof & silicone material makes it easy to wash. The neutral packing will protect your privacy.


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Tornado Vibrating Prostate Toy

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