• Newly upgraded pump: This manual penis pump sex toy uses an integrated press structure to bid farewell to the traditional pipe separation type pull structure. The operation is simple and easy to press to achieve the increased effect
  • Easy operation: The penis pump produces vacuum suction through continuous pressure, which can be similar to the automatic enlargement machine. The rhythmic negative pressure fluctuations make the penis expand, expand the spongy blood vessels, and increase the blood flow, thus making the penis longer, bigger, and harder
  • 3D visual design & extra lube: Penile erection training pump is designed with a clear scale on the transparent tube, and you can clearly see the constant change of the penis. Through repeated training, your penis forms muscle memory to make itself bigger, last longer, and be stronger. The included lube oil will make it easier for you to use
  • Removable & easy to clean: The cleaning process is simple and convenient. Just take out the vacuum pump tube for cleaning. And don’t worry about water resistance, please use a mild cleaning agent to clean
  • Carefully packaged with safe material: ABS+TPE material of this male sex toy is skin-friendly and odorless. To protect your privacy, we use opaque carton packaging, and careful transportation to protect your privacy and security

1. Put on the sleeve

2. Use of lubricants

3. Press to enlarge your penis

4. One-touch Deflation


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Ultimate Erection Manual Water...

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