• ❤【Flicking Tongue Vibrator for Oral-sex-style Sensations 】- Equipped with dynamic rhythms and super-strong vibrations, this adult toy mimics real oral sex or rimming fun but offers pleasure over the average oral sex. When this women sex toys work on clit, nipple, or perineum, the flicking tongue of this clit licker can arouse a sense of conquest and loss in the best oral sex fantasies.
  • ❤【Suction Cup Connives Oral Licking Tongue More Addictive & More Stimulus】- This toys couples adult is equipped with a sucking cup and can provide a vacuum suction impressively. The flat tongue offers a wide spectrum of sensations. Super velvet silicone surrounds the cup’s edge like lips’ softness and elasticity. With the moving and licking of the tongue of this clit sucker with the oral vacuum suction, a variety of dense feelings form a compound sensation.
  • ❤【Perfect 15° Curved Shaft & Ultra Soft Flexible G Spot Vibrator】- The slender shaft with G spot targeting curve can stimulate precisely the G spot. Its flexible ridge of this sexual pleasure tools for women can be controlled easily from 15°to 90°, which fits in any different forces you apply to the G spot.
  • ❤【Versatile All-in-one Vibrator with 9 Licking & 3 Suctions & 9 G spot Vibrations】 – With tempting licks, scintillating suctions, and 9 different vibrations, this vibratir for women can satisfy all sex possibilities. Each function can be enjoyed separately. Looking for all-in-one bliss, look no further than the Ultimate Pleasure. Have it, once for all.
  • ❤【Medical-grade Silicone High-Quality Sex Toy】- Made of medical silicone with double layers, the toys for women’s sex allows you to approach the most skin-like touch feeling. Super soft and 100% safe for people’s bodies. High-quality clit sucking toy ensures comfort and achieves the ideal sex effects. Sex Toys for Masturbation for Women, Sex Toy Vibrators.



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