• 3 IN 1 WATER ELECTRIC PENIS PUMP – IPX7 Waterproof design for use in the shower or bath. Dick Pump penis toys use water turbine technology, add extra inches to your penis enlarge while helping you to maintain long-lasting hard-ons, and its realistic pussy sleeve allows for mixing business with pleasure.
  • TEMPERATURE PENIS TRAINING – Exercise your penis in heating and cooling with our water penis enlargement pump. Warm water(less than 104F) makes your blood run faster, expanding the veins, and delivering more oxygen and nutrients. Cool water(more than 50F) has a tingling sensorial experience to help you nurture your passion.
  • 12 SMART TRAINING MODE COMB – Train more get more, 4 Levels pressure and 3 Training Modes for personalized use and transform your performance. If you’re serious about sexual health and are willing to put the effort in, penis enhancer is the ultimate tool to help you achieve your goals.
  • MORE SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE – The hydro penile pump comes with an LCD display and release valves can help users to scientifically track pressure and rerelease pressure if necessary to prevent injury. The quiet couples sex toys offer privacy (working noise less than 45db) and deliver powerful, constant suction.
  • 3 PENIS PUMP SLEEVE – Soft & smooth entry ring ensures a comfortable & secure fit. Including one for pleasure, the realistic pussy sleeve with detailed and a life-like feel. You’ll love the feel of this soft, stretchy, and intensely pleasurable sleeve wrapped around your harder-than-ever erection.

How do I use a water pe*nis pump?

  1. Hold your pe*nis pump and fill the water up. Water temp shall be 50℉-107℉
  2. Move the pump up around your pe*nis It’s impossible to avoid water getting out!
  3. Pump out water to create a suction seal and slowly pump more and more water out until you get a strong erec*tion


Design for use in the shower or bath


Water Pe*nis Pump’s key feature is, of course, water. It creates more pressure than air does, so the stretching occurs evenly throughout the pe*nis, making it more elastic, and more prone to elongating. It is also mild on the skin, reducing the risks of microtrauma. BTW, it even tickles the nerve endings, making the process of stretching very pleasant. In short, hydro pumping is the safest and the most natural way of adding a few craved inches.


Screw the motorized unit

Choose a sleeve

Use lubrication

Start Your Training!!


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