• Super power: 70w powerful silent turbo motor to ensure sex machine is not affected.
  • Speed ​​controllable: Sex machine equipped with wireless remote control, you can precisely control the speed,and there are 18 kinds of frequency speed.
  • -45°-60° Adjustable angle: you can change fucking machine angle according to your needs.
  • Small and convenient: Love machine easy to assemble, use and disassemble, compact body, carry or store inside.
  • Quieter working: Very smoothy slideway, sex machine gun combined with a silent motor, will not bother others when use sex machine.

Automatic Adult Sex Machine Details:


  • Input: 110V-240V 50-60HZ
  • Output: DC 12-24V 1-2A
  • Power: 0-24W
  • Speed: 0-450 Times/Minute
  • Extension Distance: 2.4inches
  • Adjusting Angle: About 85 degree


Warm Note:


  • Please wash all adult sex toys before you use it.
  • Lubricant is necessary,better to use a condom.
  • Please select a smooth surface to place sex machine,which will make the suction cup more stable.
  • Please turn off the adjusting knob,unplug the power cable,clean love machine and sex machine attachments, keep in cool and wind area after use.
  • We sincerely hope you enjoy this dildo thrusting machine firm and forceful pounding while its tight ratchet gear holds tight at the perfect angle to reliably bring you to climax.


A2 Sex Machine A2 Sex Machine A2 Sex Machine A2 Sex Machine A2 Sex Machine
Adjustable Angle About 85 degrees About 85 degrees About 85 degrees About 85 degrees About 85 degrees
Quantity of Attachments 3 7 6 7 8
Connect Type 3 XLR 3 XLR 3 XLR 3 XLR 3 XLR
Power 0-24W 0-24W 0-24W 0-24W 0-24W
Speed Controllable


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