• ❀【Telescopic Penis Dildo with Handle and Detachable Suction Cup】The normal dildo vibrator with suck cup is not only too close to the ground or wall when used, but also inconvenient to adjust the angle. This realistic thrusting dildo vibrator with handle and detachable sucker mount solves such problems perfectly! You can experience more exciting poses and uses without hitting the cold ground!
  • ❀【180 Degree Flip Move Dildo Machine for Release Hands】You can also give yourself the best sex experience, and only you know your body best. Suck the penis machine on a smooth surface or a table top, etc., and sit on it. Adjust to any angle you feel comfortable with, the large 180 Degree angle is enough for all your postures and preferences. Touch your clitoris and let “him” comfort you and fill you up!
  • ❀【10 Vibration Modes 3 Telescopic Modes 1-Key to Heating】The realistic dildo vibrator has 3 thrusting modes and stretches up to 2 cm in length. With 10 vibration modes ranging from light to strong, you can choose the one that suits you best and enjoy it. One-touch heating mode, let “him” warm your body. Please preheat for 6-10 minutes before using the heating function!
  • ❀【Soft Silicone Dildo Vibrator Cared About Your Health】Soft and safe silicone material of this dildo vibrator, when used with heating function, it is more like a real penis, bringing you a more real experience. The safe material will also not cause harm to your private parts. Imagine that your lover sprinting through your body. If the silicone is cracked or internally damaged, please contact us in time, we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.
  • ❀【USB Charging and Don’t Rinse the Handle With Water】The thrusting dildo vibrator supports USB charging. Please use the charging cable suitable for the product to charge. Using a charger with mismatched parameters may cause damage to the product. Since the handle is not waterproof, please do not let the handle part enter water, and do not soak it in water, otherwise it will also cause damage to the product.

2 WAYS – With Your Hand or Put On The Ground

  1. Handle- This realistic dildo vibrator has an easy-to-grip handle with clear buttons for simplicity and convenience. It is also more convenient to adjust the angle and posture when using it. Clear and simple keys are immediately ready to use!
  2. Detachable Suction Cup- The second way to play! Attach the suction cup to any smooth surface and free your hands. You can stroke your c-litoris, knead your nipples…touch whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  3. 3 Functions- 3 telescopic modes, 10 vibration modes, one-key heating. Choose the combination that makes you feel comfortable and love yourself better!


Free Your Hands!

  • Do you feel that ordinary dildo vibrators with suction cups can’t fully release your hands?
  • Do you find it uncomfortable to dildo suck on the ground too close to your skin?
  • This dildo machine solves these problems perfectly.



Please use the suction cup on a smooth surface, preferably with a little water on the suction cup, so that the suction cup will be stronger.

Package Listing

  1. Please read this manual carefully before use.
  2. Please charge the Dildo Vibrator 2h before the first use.
  3. Please keep it clean after use.


  • Product Manual*1
  • Remote control*1
  • Dildo Vibrator*1
  • USB charging cable*1

Heating Like His Big Thing

Heat to 100 ℉

A cold dildo will make you less interested, and only a warm “He” can bring you the hottest and sexest feeling.


Please preheat for 6-10 minutes before using the heating mode for a better experience. Otherwise, the heating effect will not be obvious.

The heating mode temperature is slightly higher than the normal temperature of the human body, which belongs to the normal range.

Attention Please


To prolong its lifespan, do not leave the product in the bathroom, or soak it in water. Only use water for quick cleaning!

Safe Material

Safe and soft silicone material will not damage your private parts. No sharp parts, you can use it with confidence. Silicone material is harmless to human body.

USB Charging

USB magnetic charging, in order to ensure normal charging, please make sure that the charging cable has been attached to the charging place and the indicator light is flashing normally.


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