• Telescopic function and rotation massage: the toy has slide. Press and hold the mode button, the internal piston starts to move with the sleeve, simulating the classic up and down motion, in addition, it rotates and rotates around its own axis, massaging the to the left or right. Use gentle or strong pressure to satisfy yourself during your solo!
  • Automatic masturbation for men: This masturbator consists of a robust shell and a simulated, soft cover that wraps around your with enthusiasm. Once you sit comfortably, put your partner in the case and the fun can begin. Use only with water-based lubricant. Avoid contact with massage oil. The pleasure channel is removable, so you can easily clean it.
  • Hands-free mastubrator: This masturbator comes with a special holder with suction cup: so you can enjoy it hands-free and place the masturbator in any desired position. With the included USB cable, you can charge it quickly.
  • Pleasant real feeling: the inside of the masturbator is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Lined with dozens of stimulating nubs provides intense, realistic pleasure.
  • Neutral packaging: the products are packed in neutral packaging. Please do not worry. We offer professional customer service. We promise a free return service if you have any problems with the quality of the product.

The part has extremely power and gives an insanely good feeling, with lubricant perfect it does not irritate as extremely as other items and is therefore good for training endurance. The mastubator is super easy to use. I recommend you to use a low intensity at the beginning, as the masturbator brings a lot of power at the highest level. Of course, everything depends on the user. The device can be charged with a USB – B cable, which is practical because you do not need heavy batteries and you can charge it with a power bank. After a charge that takes approx. 2 hours until it is completely full, it holds its line for approx. 1 hour. When charging, the controls flash. Unfortunately, the device cannot be used during charging. So charge nicely beforehand so that the fun does not suffer. Outer ABS plastic and inside a silicone compound. Very feel like and easy to use. The device where the soft and flexible material is located, can be easily separated from the device and is therefore easy to clean. Cleaning is easy by hand, just disassemble in a few steps and rinse with water and a little soap. The highlight is, it can also be equipped with a suction cup so your hands are .


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