• 🎀【Plump and compact vagina】The labia of this pussy ass male masturbator are slightly swollen and tightly closed, and the entrance of the vagina is tight, restoring the true appearance of the virgin labia, allowing you to experience the tightly wrapped vagina the first time you enter excitement. Sophia is soft and elegant, you can’t help but get into shape quickly. This male masturbator will wrap your penis tightly and you just have to take possession of her and cum inside her!
  • 🎀【Vaginal channel with strong suction】 The vaginal channel of the realistic male masturbator has a secondary entrance that simulates the entrance of the uterus at the innermost part, which can bring super suction power. excitement. The anus mimics the real rectal passage of an anal sex experience. Whichever channel you choose, Sophia will lift her ass to meet your cock, she’s just your pocket pussy.
  • 🎀【Unique split leg design】This butt masturbator is different from other round butt masturbators, it has unique legs like a ballerina when jumping, which is to open her legs to welcome you, and It is more stable to hold the masturbation doll when in use, and it will not easily leave your hand. Have a romantic date with her, and she will obediently make you pose.
  • 🎀【Curvy Waist and Bubble Butt】 The overall shape of the realistic butt masturbator is beautifully designed, with a good side curve and a perfect curve that fits the palm of the hand. The back has a waist socket designed by a sports girl, which is more realistic and charming. Bubble ass, let the hands have a rich feeling of fullness, soft touch is like touching real female skin. Her small ass not only gives you visual enjoyment, but also brings you a comfortable sexual experience.
  • 🎀【Portable and Easy To lean】 This male masturbator toy has a small stature but is realistic, and the length of the internal channel brings great satisfaction. You can easily lift your sex doll up while you’re using it and take her to enjoy a variety of scenes with you. You can take her on a business trip or travel together, very easy to carry, store or hide to protect your privacy. When you’re done playing, rinse her with water, it’s very simple, remember to dry ‘your girl’.
  • 🎀【Warm tips】KINKLOVE will sincerely guard your after-sales service. But please be gentle with the soft Sophia, otherwise her pussy and skin may be hurt. Dear sir, you can definitely do it. At the same time, we will provide you with private packing service, no one can find “your girl” inside, we protect your privacy. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us to resolve it.
Have a Date With Sweet Young Girl-Sofia

Hey I’m sophia and I just left my campus, eager for a romantic date. I don’t like to go to the beach because it will tan me and my skin will age.

My favorite thing is sitting in a dessert shop, browsing fashion magazines and drinking a glass of sweet milk. Lol, of course, my skin is fair and tender. But I also love sports because it makes my skin stretchy and a symbol of my youth.

Oh, I really, really want to have a boyfriend, would you like to give it a try? Please be gentle with me though, I am sure you must be a polite gentleman, and we will have a very unexpected union. I’m looking forward to your presence!


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