• Embrace lifelike ecstasy with a high-flex, soft vibrating realistic butt.
  • Discover an array of sensations through versatile, snug passages.
  • Experience the ultimate in realism as you’re enveloped in tightness.
  • Power up effortlessly with quick, magnetic recharging.
  • Elevate your pleasure with an expertly designed, vibrating journey.

Thrust Deep Between Hayley’s Lifelike Cheeks For Mind-Blowing ‘Gasms!

Say hola to Hayley, a lifelike vagina and ass masturbator who’s always ready and willing to please you. Featuring a 10-frequency vibration function, her twin canals await the introduction of your manhood. Slide yourself into either hole and take a ride to heaven and back.

Show off her pert butt and cute lips, Hayley is ready to play!   

Hayley features two completely separate love tunnels, each with its own unique feel and stimulating sensations. Her pink vadge feels just as soft in real life as in your dreams. Those heavenly folds practically kiss your shaft as you slide inside. And a special multi-chamber design pulls you in deep while intensifying your pleasure even more. Her backdoor is extra-tight to squeeze you just right. A gentle curve creates a more natural feeling, while increasing pressure on your shaft for extra stimulation. Both love tunnels are designed for maximum stimulation. They’re completely closed off, which creates a life-like resistance when you push inside them and a fun “sucking” sensation whenever you pull out. The closed-ended design allows them to stay slicker for longer so you don’t need to use as much lube. The vaginal and anal tunnels are lined with their own uniquely textured pattern of pleasure nubs, ticklers, teasers, and other stimulators for massaging your shaft. You can feel them milking your pole with every stroke until you finally explode inside her!

Up the Ante with Intense Vibration.

Don’t forget Hayley has a 10-frequency vibration function. She can shake her rear for even more stimulation. Activate the wild vibration function by pressing and holding the vibration button. You’ll experience thrilling low, medium, and high speeds – along with a rollercoaster of pulsation, waves, and patterns. All these vibrations envelop the love tunnel, stimulating you from every angle. When you combine these fantastic vibrations with the suction, get ready for an exhilarating pleasure session.

You can play with Hayley in multiple positions… and not just doggie. Drop her down on your shaft for a hot lap dance… with plenty of bouncing & grinding! Or spoon with her in the sack for extra comfort and a convenient place to rest – this gal can wear you out!

Utilizing magnetic suction rapid charging technology, you’ll no longer fret over waiting for charging. With a simple touch, you can swiftly infuse power into your exploration journey, ensuring you remain invigorated at all times. In body safe elastomer,the Realistic Ass & Vagina Stroker is conveniently compatible with any great water based lube, and cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam.


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