• 【Pleasure With Cock Rings】Full-coverage design Penis Rings snug around the base of the penis and ball, making you harder than ever which feels like your lover’s hand squeezing your package and doing its best to drain you dry!
  • 【Flexible & Ultra-durable】The Construction Ring’s soft material practically kisses your shaft, while remaining stretchy enough. The durable design keeps it fitting nice and snug night after night helping maintain a firm erection.
  • 【Ergonomic & Comfort Size】Measures 0.98-1.1” & stretches even larger. A great fit with its incredibly stretchy & ergonomic design. Let you increase your size to go harder, grow bigger, and last longer.
  • 【How to Wear】 Slide it with some lube to your shaft, and the other Ring covers your testicle. The ring fits snugly around the base of your penis, causing it to swell up. Designed to maximize the effect of constriction on erection.
  • All of our Sex Toys will be in discreet packaging. If there have any issues, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours!

Extra Support, Extra Enhancement, Extra Pleasure!

Give your tool and testicles a boost with this stretchy silicone enhancement ring that does double duty. Dual rings wrap around both your shaft & balls to create a tight fit that not only increases stamina, it also lets allows for bigger and harder erϵctions you’ll both enjoy!~

Easy To Put On & Remove

The ball stretcher fits around your shaft, Its unusual feeling helps you last longer too!

Flexible & Softness

You’ll appreciate the way both rings stretch for comfort and fit. They’ll love the way the rings boost your manhood for added pleasure and endurance.


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Neo Ballsling stretchy ergonom...

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