• Faster Deeper Thrusts Dildo: The thrusting dildo measures 1.3 inches wide by 10.2 inches long from top to bottom. The soft silicone shaft of this realistic vibrating dildo goes more profound than most thrusting toys dare: a whopping 1.5 inches! Most thrusting toys top out at just 1 inch. Enjoy the extra 1.5 inches thrust length and customize your play with 3 different thrustings setting 7 vibration settings, a powerful, no-stall, motor up to 130 strokes per minute.
  • Removable Suction Cup Base Dildo & Adjustable Angel: The three suction cups work on a variety of surfaces and don’t slide, there are many points to adjust the angle, which is ideal for hands-free vaginal or anal play, you just need to sit down and start an enjoyable g spot/clitoral or butt /prostate stimulation. The main handle can also be used as a portable handheld vibrator without the attachment, which is something you will like over other options that are only usable while mounted.
  • Smartly Constructed & Quality Materials: Thethrusting vibrator- has a sleek appearance like a short and fat wand vibrator. You wlll like the possibility to use it without support. Excellent thrusting vibrator for beginners to intermediate. The materials used on the huge vibrating dildo and the feel of the dildo present as being a lot more expensive than the price. It is 100% body-safe and soft no funny smell, and soft and realistic to the touch with a comfortable feel on thrusts.
  • The action of the thrusting dildo is easy to control and after a few minutes of learning the programming order, you can switch up the vibration and thrusts without much thought of which you want to get to. It’s not as loud as other thrusters you have tried. It makes noise but it’s unrealistic to expect otherwise. It’s nice to be able to choose between just using the vibration or thrusting on their own, or in combination. The size is perfect for both men and women, not too big, not too small.
  • We stand behind the superior quality of our big thrusting dildo and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, this vibrating dildo does not meet your expectations, please reach out to our dedicated customer service team immediately for a quick and satisfactory resolution. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a luxurious satin gift bag for discreet storage or to surprise someone special. Thank you for choosing our huge dildos.


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Pistons Realistic Vibrating Ro...

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