• ✈Realistic masturbation exercise✈The high speed rotating inner shell of the masturbator man shock function continuously stimulates your , imitates your “brother” movement and with the help of the tight vaginal entrance, you cannot stand with excitation.
  • ✈Transparent and screen design✈ The two sides of the electric masturbation cup are transparent, so you can check the function modes of the pocket pussy and the change of the . The electronic display is convenient for you to check the battery status and the telescopic vibration mode gear used, so you can see which mode is best suited for you and playing more interesting.
  • ✈ Large size masturabtor✈ The diameter of the rotating inner cup of the automatic masturbation for men is 5 cm, length 14 cm. After passing the tight vaginal opening, the inner cup is large enough to hold your without discomfort. The silicone particles of the rotating inner shell are soft and irregular, so you feel like a massage during high-speed exercises instead of feeling pain.
  • ✈Tips for using the oral masturbrator✈Apply a certain amount of lubricant to the vaginal opening and your before use, which is safer and easier to get on. Prevents discomfort caused by friction with the rotating inner shell due to the dryness of the . The removable interior allows cleaning in one step.
  • ✈The intimate details of the masturbator✈The stable motor function and its low power make you surprisingly quiet. Even in your home, it will not be embarrassed. The handle part is thin and has a non-slip design, so it can be held comfortably for a long time. If you are an advanced sex toy player, the suction cup hole on the bottom gives you new playing possibilities.

IRON masturbator with 10 telescopic and rotation modes. Easy operation with two buttons, feel good even in the dark, fast charging.


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