• Extreme, heavy stretcher lined with brass spikes; perfect for CBT

• 6 individually adjustable spikes for a pleasurably painful press on your scrotum

• Heavy-duty, stainless steel 34mm ring pulls down on your testicles

• Locked with an Allen key for safe, secure wear

Give your balls a brutal look and a weighty tug with the Ball Brutaliser Steel Spiked Ball Stretcher by Torment.

Each side of this heavy-weight stretcher is lined with brass spikes for an erotic and enticing look that’ll make your submissive shiver with anticipation. Up the intensity of your CBT play and adjust the spikes to determine how far they press into your sensitive scrotum.

Locked and opened with an Allen key, there’s no chance of this stretcher budging once it’s got a grip around your balls. With a width of 25mm and a diameter of 34mm, it’ll give you the scrotal stretch you’ve been craving. You won’t be able to ignore the sensational swing of this spiked ball collar when worn under clothes or on full display for your Dominant during cock and ball torture!


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Tug Brass Spikes

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