• Brutal BDSM device combines sadistic ball-stretching with CBT

• Deliver an effective and eyewatering stretch as you gradually move the 45mm rings apart

• Weighing 735g, reaching a ball-boggling 15.5cm for a low, swinging sack

• 4 adjustable spikes on each ring press down for a pleasurably painful pinch

• Made from body-safe stainless steel, allowing for extended use

Experience a totally different ballgame with the Ball Bruiser Stainless Steel Spiked Ball Stretcher by Torment.

This brutal device is a double set of ball stretchers for advanced ball play only. Gently twist the wheel and move the stretchers apart (up to a ball-boggling 15.5cm!) for a gradual, mind-blowing stretch and a long, swinging sack. Wear during sex for a satisfying slap or to dole out pleasurable punishment to your sub’s penis.

Combine your ball-stretching session with intense Cock and Ball Torture as you unleash the spikes and really screw with your subs head. Each ring holds four adjustable spikes from fully retracted to an eyewatering pinch. Expertly crafted for superior quality, this stretcher has an inner diameter of 45mm for an effective stretch and is made from stainless steel.


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Unit Stainless Steel double se...

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