• Transform CBT play with this spiked ball collar and splitter

• Turn the sharp-ended screws with Allen key provided for the perfect pinch

• Padlock secures your willing captive’s cock under lock and key

• Cut from stainless steel for a high shine polish and superior skin safety

• Advanced BDSM equipment for Dom(me)/submissive dynamics

Chastise your pathetic nutsack in the Impaler Steel Spiked Ball Stretcher & Splitter by Torment.

Feel the weight of the world swinging between your legs with this heavyweight stretcher that secures above your nuts with the impaling sensation of six adjustable ‘thorns’ threaded into the crown. Forged from high-grade stainless steel, this perverted piece of BDSM equipment won’t react with your skin while squeezing your scrotum to satisfaction.

To inflict grave humiliation; gradually turn the screws to exact a vicious, yet measured punishment unto your sack, while the splitter separates your testes and provides a great place to weigh you down where you need it most. Perfect for punitive punishment, hand over the key of this kinky contraption to your captor for the ultimate in scrotal control.


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Locking Steel Lockable Spikes

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