• Made of high-quality materials, this product is body-safe, odorless, soft and easy to clean.
  • The two most important factors that determine the growth rate and speed of penile tissue are the applied tension and the time it takes.
  • Allowing the body to develop a habit during the adaptation process, and naturally stretch the body parts without side effects such as pain or subsequent fatigue.
  • Trials have shown growth in this body part when the exercise ball is used 8 to 10 hours a day for 3 to 6 months.
  • This product consists of 4 different exercise balls to help you continue to strengthen your exercise (training set and 4 weight balls are 22 grams, 34 grams, 49 grams, 62 grams).

Focus on one thing for many years

stick to it

stick to it

Any achievement takes effort, and you can certainly choose to buy a trial, but as long as you keep using it, it will show the most value and surprise you fully.

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Type Upgraded Men’s Exercise Device Vacuum Manual Suction Vibrating Ring with 10 Modes Men’s Exercise Device White Traction Device Effective Male Enlargement kit 12oz Gravity Double Ball Version male stretching ball
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Unit Ballsling 4 different Bal...

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