• NEW MASTURBATOR WITH 2 MOTORS💨Automatic masturbator combines 7x rotation with 7x vibration massage, has 2 powerful motors with 12,000 and 9,000 revolutions per minute respectively. During operation, the two provide ample power for smoother rotation. What else? Longer battery life, improved water resistance, lower decibel levels. Smashe’ totally loves to smashe with you!
  • SEXUAL PLAY IN 7X ROTATION MODES 💨Sex toy masturbator can rotate with your penis in 1 or 2 direction(s) and multiple frequencies. Imagine 7 beautiful women who are good pole dancers are now rotating around your penis only, some are fast, some are slow, some are forward, some are backward. Don’t let your wife see that!
  • VIBRATING MASTURBATION OF A SPECIAL KIND 💨 Push your penis inside, press your outer skin against the inner wall of the masturbator and the vibrations will cause the soft 108 beads to rub against you like a mosquito bite, like an ant nibble, take it all in and experience the tingling sensation. And if it’s not strong enough for you, you can of course press on the soft outer wall with your hand or add the twist function for some wild sex play!
  • ERGONOMIC CHANNEL DESIGN💨Masturbators are made of soft and comfortable TPE material, have an elliptically curved structure, creating a 360° wrapping sensation. Your penis can move freely up and down by fitting it into the channel. Insertable length approx. 9cm, diameter approx. 3.5cm. However, the size is partially expandable due to the soft and flexible material.
  • EASY TO CARRY, STORE & HOLD 💨Lighter than other masturbators, the sex toy for men weighs only 540g. The handle design makes it easy to hold. Storage is also no longer a problem. The masturbator is equipped with a dust cover that effectively prevents dust/bacteria from entering and also helps to stand on the table as decoration.
  • PRIVATE PACKAGING & CUSTOMER SERVICE 💨Your privacy is protected with us. All sex toys for men/women are delivered privately and in normal packaging. Therefore, there is no sensitive information on the package of the masturbator. Your feelings are important to us. If you have any complaints or questions, please contact us. We are always here!

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